Mooncoin - The Band

Cesar, Chris, Paul, Bev and Mike,

Photo: Dave Boddy


With a repertoire drawn from across Europe, Mooncoin's diverse range of music encompasses many folk traditions as well as contemporary influences.  The 4-piece creates an exciting and distinctive sound which is entertaining, and yet emotive.  Their material is taken from the traditions of Ireland, England, Sweden and a wealth of music covering much of eastern Europe and the northern hemisphere.

Since joining the band in June 2001, Paul Keeler has brought a more eastern European flavour to the band and new avenues to be discovered. The band lends their tunes a fresh new interpretation and the individual Mooncoin twist to produce something magical.

Mooncoin have created a style with their songs and cleverly arranged tune sets which displays a brilliant musical ability but does not compromise the verve and humour evident in their approach to music. Added to this, the band's love of playing makes them as happy when playing at small social events as when playing at major international festivals.

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Chris Schwabe  Vocal, Whistle, Melodeon, Flute and Percussion
Mike Naldrett  Fiddle
Bev Nichols  Guitar
Paul Keeler  Percussion, Bouzouki and Fiddle, and shakers...